Aurtharius Dorrehs  Moore also known as Tharius Moore is a up and coming rapper inspired by the R&B soulful favor of music. Born into an urban community, youngest of 3, Tharius ear for music developed in the womb. Being a third cousin to music power house Curtis Mayfield and a nephew to the drummer of the sensational music group Parliament Funksdelic, Tharius couldn’t help but catch the beat at a very young age. At the age of 13, Tharius began to write his own music. Gathering lyrics from the experiences he had eloped from. With both of Tharius parents standing behind him, married and together, Tharius had the support of solid foundation.

The love for music and the attraction to the Hip-Hop community is what drives Tharius to become a known artist. With the soulful twist on controversial lyrics gives Tharius a unique style of his own.  Tharius know that his introduction to the music industry had to be one to remember. With image begin everything Tharius decided to tame is look by dropping 150 unwanted pounds for a more fit and lean demeanor. In 2011, Tharius linked up with producers Johnny Ver $ace and Taylor Supreme and found a sound that cannot be heard in any other Hip-Hop artist. This soulful centric hip-hop funk brings a different kind of eargasm to your ear drum.

Independently dropping his first mix tape “Street Fame” in 2008, allowed Tharius growth room to develop as a person and an artist. Now working on his  second mix tape,” Late Night”, Tharius Moore plans to have his very versatile fan base, up late nights under the influence of his soulful hip-hop  hypnosis.  As an independent artist Tharius known exactly what is take to invade the Hip-Hop community, and find him a permanent seat at the winners table.


Agency: SinceEIghty6

Phone: 650.762.9793

Email: [email protected]

The artist

Nationality: The Shade of the Solar System

Resident in: East Palo Alto